Being part of Wasserman affords Accorin clients expertise in a number of areas beyond e-commerce design, development and support. Wasserman is an incredibly diverse organization with over 1,600 employees worldwide providing marketing, activation, communication and representation services to brands, companies, athletes and musical talent. So, for brands with a thriving e-commerce business, there are many opportunities to look elsewhere within the Wasserman network for growth services.

Wasserman Brands & Properties

Wasserman divides the core marketing services that it performs for a number of mid-cap and large consumer-focused companies between Brands and Properties, with the focus on the services creating connections between consumers and brands “across sports, music, and entertainment.” Where appropriate, Wasserman will leverage its relationships with sports leagues, teams, people, athletes, etc. to help brands make a stronger connection with consumers.

Wasserman also leverages properties like music festivals, recurring events across a number of international sports (city-specific F1 grand prix, for example) to activate consumers with brands when there are key fits between the properties and a brand’s target market. You can find out more about this Wasserman capability, here.

Riddle & Bloom

If you need to create awareness or engage with college students or Gen Z consumers, which you will WANT to do if you want to increase your lifetime value, Riddle & Bloom is the agency for you. For well over a decade R&B has been a leader in the college marketing space, helping brands connect with college students through:

  1. Student ambassador programs
  2. Social media influencer programs
  3. Exclusive relationships with some of the largest student organizations that are on campuses nationwide;
    • these relationships provide R&B clients with access to campuses that are almost impossible to achieve otherwise.

Check out Riddle & Bloom’s services, clients, and case studies, here.

Laundry Service / Cycle

Laundry Service is a New York headquartered, full-service marketing agency with deep expertise in brand building, activation, digital experience design and development, creative and production.

Laundry Service also has a team of dedicated digital growth marketers that serious e-commerce brand merchants would do well to investigate working with in support of driving traffic and conversion marketing efforts. Full-service media buying is available through Laundry Service’s dedicated team of buyers as well. Of course we can help facilitate those conversations.

Cycle provides brands with best of breed social influencing programs, content development services and media, production and campaign measurement services for brands like Bumble, Adobe and Nordstrom / Nike.

Since joining the Wasserman family, Accorin has already collaborated with the teams at Laundry Service on a number of projects where their creative horsepower has helped to build exceptional, award-winning digital user experiences on the front end, coupled with e-commerce transaction capabilities on the back end. Visit their websites to dig a little bit deeper into Laundry Service and Cycle.

The Collective

The Collective is an important Wasserman agency that focuses on helping brands create, execute and amplify strategies build value with women. The Collective uses proprietary tools and techniques including social listening methods, brand affinity building techniques, and uniquely relevant sales metrics that help brands measure success in these efforts.

With over 20 years of experience of helping brands to build important relationships with women, The Collective can be trusted to help brands reach and influence women in a meaningful and valuable way.

Wasserman Music Talent / Athlete Representation

Wasserman also operates divisions that represent musical and sports talent. The roster of talent that they represent is impressive. Because of this aspect of the Wasserman business, there are opportunities for co-sponsorships, collaborations, product and merchandise development and a lot more for brands with e-commerce activities to consider.

The Bottom Line

Joining “Team Wass” has not only afforded the Accorin team a deeper foundation, it’s also opened up a whole new world of support/collaboration opportunities for our clients – both with their e-commerce activities, and outside of them.

Get in touch if you would like to have a conversation about what Accorin or Wasserman services might be worth exploring to help your business growth.