In the April 20th Partner Open House presented by Outi Greve and her team at Adobe the priorities of Adobe for Adobe Commerce were shared and re-emphasized in a highly organized and insightful presentation. Those of us in the SI / Reseller community that work with Adobe Commerce everyday depend on insights from Adobe to understand the features it believes are a priority part of the value proposition. This was a great session for understanding Adobe’s priorities and future focus for the platform. It was also a great session for recapping the key points of its value proposition, especially compared to other major competitors.

Here’s a summary of the key points:

Adobe’s $20MM Threshold

Adobe is now crystal clear that it believes the threshold for merchant organizations that are the best fit for Adobe Commerce Cloud is $20MM total revenue (and $5-$10MM+ in online revenue). Of course, smaller companies can look at the Community Edition license as an option. Now that Adobe has over 4 years of data under its belt, they feel that companies with $20MM revenue and up are in the best position to leverage all of the powerful aspects of Adobe Commerce Cloud. of course there are always outliers like slightly smaller, online only merchants with complex business models that need the flexibility of the world’s most powerful e-commerce platform.

adobe commerce target market summary

Strategic Differentiators

Adobe have clearly outlined what they have targeted as their strategic differentiators and focus areas as, being a platform that can:

  • enable a superior omnichannel experience
  • optimize for marketing and personalization
  • provide advanced capabilities for merchandising
  • offer advanced omnichannel commerce capabilities, out-of-the-box
  • allow “Intelligent Commerce” via AI capabilities

Lastly, as the following visualization shows, this is all underpinned by a focus on creating a modular and extensible platform.

adobe commerce strategic differentiators

Upgrade Amplification Programs

In support of Version 2.4.4, Elite Adobe Commerce partners are encouraged to develop “packages” around the work necessary to upgrade to V2.4.4. Accorin has one in the works for mid-market B2B. Send us a note to learn more; we’re hoping Adobe will approve and share our “Amplify Package” by the close of Q2.

Product Recommendations by Sensei / Live Search

Adobe Sensei is an absolutely key part of the Adobe Commerce value proposition. Personalized shopping experiences are incredibly hot at this point. Recent enhancements to Sensei also have B2B merchants in mind. Sensei gathers shopper behavior data and in real time can provide contextually and personally relevant product information for upsell and cross sell.

adobe commerce product recommendations

Live Search – AI-Powered Site Search on Adobe Commerce

Most e-commerce merchants know that an effective site search means higher conversion rates for users that engage with it. Well now that Site Search on Adobe Commerce is completely integrated with Sensei’s live AI capability, the results are very promising and Adobe is pushing it hard as a part of its value proposition to improve conversion for merchants across the business spectrum. Learn more about Live Search here.

The Bottom Line

If you’ve been contemplating a move to Adobe Commerce it’s a good time to do so. If you’re on Adobe Commerce but need to upgrade it’s also a good time to do so; you’ll want to take advantage of these and other features that are current.

Adobe Commerce is still a leading platform for serious global merchants that want to win at e-commerce. Contact us for more information, or any additional details about the Adobe Commerce capabilities.