This amazing mobile stat brought forward by Gilt this week as published in Advertising week is probably just the beginning.  Gilt’s business model is well-suited to mobile adoption. They have developed an addicted following of high end bargain hunters who probably check their emails and click for bargains on great stuff incessantly….and they do it on their smartphones.

The smartphone has reinvigorated business models that depend on email for awareness because now consumers can check email from anywhere and click through and look at bandwidth-hogging content.  That might be bad for consumer’s data plans and phone bills, but it’s good for companies like Gilt. What other eCommerce categories will see this type of stat as well? Food/ Food Delivery / Restaurant service; Travel; Tickets, ticket reservation systems; any consumer service with regular re-ordering or replenishment services (coffee delivery, dairy services).

From what we are seeing at Accorin across our eCommerce customer base, mobile visits are ramping quickly and mobile purchases are increasingly important. Gilt’s mobile eCommerce metrics are certainly higher than most sites, but are a harbinger of what’s to come.

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