Who Can Benefit?

The OneView module supports customer self-service by unifying all of your customer’s Orders, Shipments, Invoices, and Returns. Regardless of whether your customers placed the original order in Magento, a legacy system or over the phone into your ERP, you are able to give you customers a way to see and interact with their information through their Magento login.

OneView is also a great solution for migrating historic orders into Magento quickly and cost effectively.

Key Features

  • Show all customer Orders, Shipments, Invoices and Returns in the standard Magento MyAccount section.
  • Schedule adds and updates from external systems.
  • Allow customers to re-order products even if the original orders came from outside of Magento.
  • For non-Magento data, save Header and Detail information in Magento, OR only save Header information in Magento and then retrieve the detail information when it is needed. Download information using logical filters for further off-line analysis.
  • Customers can filter and sort their Orders, Shipments, Invoices and Returns within the MyAccount grid.

OneView Order Display

Accorin OneView Product

OneView Order Retrieval

Accorin OneView Product

OneView is a much needed element of the Magento B2B suite. It really helps drive customer self service by making historic information available to customers.

Graham Lubie
Vice President

Magento Edition Requirements

The OneView module is compatible with Magento Commerce 2.2 and above.

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